NakedSwordCash is owned and operated by WMM Holdings LLC (AEBN). By advertising sites owned by WMM Holdings LLC, you are agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in permanent termination from the program, including suspension of all commission payments.

You must be over the age of 18 to participate in the NakedSwordCash program.

Illegal Activities

You may not promote our sites or position our content in association with child pornography, bestiality, rape, torture or stolen content.
Absolutely no spamming! This includes unsolicited emails, instant messages, chat room messages and newsgroups.

Re-Watermarking Videos

You are NOT permitted to re-watermark any promotional video content from NakedSwordCash!
Webmasters found to be doing so will be suspended.


You cheat - you lose! This includes the use of scripts or any other method of artificially generating traffic or sales.

False Advertising

You may not use our advertising materials to advertise a website or page that does not contain our content.

Password Sharing Sites

You may not advertise our websites on pages that promote unauthorized paysite user name and password sharing.

Payment Terms

All payments are made in US Dollars. Payments are made every two weeks by check, Paxum, ACH (for US webmasters) and wire transfers (for non-US webmasters).

Wire/ACH Costs:
ACH - Free
Wires - $30

Trial Memberships

WMM Holdings LLC reserves the right to add or remove limited time "trial" membership sale options from the join/sign-up pages of sites within the NakedSwordCash program at any time.


WMM Holdings LLC will not be held responsible for technical failures resulting in downtime or delays that affect the performance of the NakedSwordCash program or our sites.

Restrictions on Paid Inclusion Advertising

You are not permitted to register or bid on a NakedSword paysite name or other phrases or marks used by NakedSword (collectively the NakedSword Marks) with any paid inclusion search engine provider including but not limited to Google and MSN. This includes separating the NakedSword Marks into individual words, for example the domain "www.nakedsword.com" into "naked sword" or "naked" "sword". This also includes any variants, misspellings or derivatives which are clearly designed to imitate a NakedSword Mark, such as "NakedSwword" or "NekkidSword." Doing so will result in withholding of payouts and termination of your NakedSwordCash account without compensation. If you are uncertain of what these terms or words are you should ask your account representative.


We reserve the right to cancel this Agreement at any time and at the discretion of the Program Manager.
Upon termination of this agreement or our request, all material related to NakedSword and WMM Holdings LLC must be removed from your sites.
You may terminate this agreement at any time by emailing affiliates@nakedsword.com

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